3 Easy Steps to Sell Your Car for CASH

So, you have this car. You aren’t really using it, and you need money to help with your living expenses. Rather than sit at home worrying, why not take your most valuable asset and get money for it? If you aren’t using it, you might as well take advantage of the money that it’s worth. You might be asking yourself, “How can I sell my car for cashtoday?” The answer to this question is quite simple, and before your head hits the pillow tonight – you can have money in your wallet. [click to continue…]


What is Buy Here, Pay Here? A No Nonsense Explanation


The process of getting a new (or used) vehicle can be somewhat stressful. This is why many buyers consider buy here pay here in Ohio or in other states. From the many options you have to trying to get a loan, it can be a little nerve-wracking. If your credit score isn’t great or if you don’t have any credit, Buy Here Pay Here, commonly referred to as “BHPH” might be a good option for you.

So What Is It?

Buy Here Pay Here is when the auto dealership that you’re buying the car from also functions as the finance company where you’ll get your loan. Many auto dealerships that feature an advertisement saying “We Finance” usually means Buy Here Pay Here.

This is for buyers who may have bad credit or no credit at all. Typically, the buyers will have tried other avenues before going with the Buy Here Pay Here option. Why Buy Here Pay Here is considered a last resort is because usually the interest rates on the loans are pretty high. Another disadvantage of Buy Here Pay Here is that the dealership normally requires the buyer to make in-house payments, meaning you’ll need to stop by the dealership rather than mailing a payment or doing it online

It’s good news in the respect that your approval is pretty much guaranteed. The Buy Here Pay Here option can help get you into a car when no one else will finance you or you’re out of other options. The loan and the payments will be discussed and signed at the same dealership where you get your car. This is like a one-stop shopping experience for buyers.

How it Can Help You

Buy Here Pay Here can be a great option for you if you’ve got poor credit history or no credit history at all. Actually, the Buy Here Pay Here process can actually help repair your credit score, provided that you make the payments on time.

This process can help you get a vehicle when nothing else will. However, be sure to inquire about all your options when it comes to Buy Here Pay Here. Some questions to ask your auto dealership include:

  • What sort of vehicles will be available to me?
  • How much is the interest rate?
  • Do you charge for late payments?
  • How will late payments be handled?
  • Will I be required to pay in person?

With Buy Here Pay Here, you’ll want to ensure that you’re clear on the terms of the loan and the agreement that you have with the auto dealership. It’s important to understand how this process can help you as well as hurt you when it comes to buying a vehicle.

With Buy Here Pay Here, there are advantages and disadvantages, just like anything else. You’ll need to thoroughly discuss the arrangement with the auto dealership. However, this can be a great option for you if you’re lacking credit and need to build up a good credit score. Consider if Buy Here Pay Here is right for you.


Rebuilding Your Credit

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In today’s economic climate, it’s easy to find yourself in a financial situation you never expected. With so many ways to accrue debt, one late payment can easily turn into many which translates into bad credit rather quickly. When you find yourself in a situation that seems impossible to get yourself out of, please remember to breath. Your financial situation, while it may seem so, is not unique. Thousands of people have been in your proverbial shoes and are have found their way out. So will you.

Sometimes, you will have to make sacrifices to get there. Most times this means downsizing your life; moving into a smaller home or apartment, buying a compact car instead of a luxury SUV. But before you think, “I have to sell my car fast”, know that there are options you have available to you.

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Two Fees You Should Anticipate at a BHPH Dealership


When you’re pursuing a vehicle from a Buy Here, Pay Here lot in Ohio, you’re likely anticipating a good deal. The cars are traditionally less expensive at these businesses, and you probably won’t find too many vehicles that would test your budget. However, there are a handful of charges you’ll need to expect, particularly the interest rate and down payment.

Both of these fees can be confusing, especially since their inconsistent and based on the customer’s credit. To better understand what you should be anticipating, check out our guide below…

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What Happens When a BHPH Dealer Hangs It Up?


Calling it quits on anything can be difficult, especially when you’re considering shutting down a business you’ve kept running for more than 40 years. That was the case for Julian Codding, a former dealership owner and member of the National Alliance of Buy Here-Pay Here Dealers Hall of Fame. Instead of approaching the situation with a negative attitude, Codding decided to embrace the change.

“We’ve all known people who have retired, gone home, sat in a rocking chair and made everyone around them miserable,” Codding added.  “If the season has come for a change in your life, welcome it with the same positive attitude you did when you started your business.”

This information is not only useful for dealership owners, but it could also be utilized by potential buyers, as they can identify where to get the best deals. Before you head out to a Cincinnati Buy Here-Pay Here car lot, check out our guide below. Of course, Codding also has a number of strategies for slowly ending a BHPH dealership, as he told AutoRemarketing.com.

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A Guide to Selling Your Car

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There could be a variety reasons why you randomly thought, “hey, maybe it’s about time I sell my car.” Maybe you’re struggling with bad credit, and part of your profit will go towards a cheaper vehicle that better fits into your budget. Maybe you’ve just had enough of the car, or maybe you’re looking for an upgrade. Regardless, there are a number of things you should keep in mind before you decide to deal off your ride.

Read our guide below so you can not only maximize how much value you get for your vehicle, but you can also maximize your protection during the process. Keep these pointers in mind and you’ll have an easy and lucrative car-selling experience…

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When Should You Head to a Buy Here-Pay Here Dealership?


If you’re like me, you’ve probably been driving the same vehicle for some time. You’ll continue to use the car until you absolutely can’t, but is there a way to identify when you should be calling it quits and moving on (besides, of course, when the car breaking down)? Car owners become emotionally attached to their rides, so it’s not a surprise that retiring a vehicle can be a very difficult decision.

It’s made that much more difficult when your credit is struggling. Purchasing a car can be quite the financial investment, and it can be tough to finance such a purchase when your credit score is low. Luckily, Buy Here-Pay Here dealerships solve that problem for you, as they serve as your lender when you purchase a vehicle from them. These businesses help out those who sorely need a different vehicle but can’t afford such an investment, whether it’s due to budget, poor credit, or similar issues.

First, you have to determine whether to keep the beater car or go shopping at Buy Here-Pay Here car lots in Cincinnati, Ohio. Before you tolerate one more day behind the wheel of the undependable vehicle, see why it may be in your best interest to move on…

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Three Myths Regarding Buy Here-Pay Here Dealerships


Buy Here – Pay Here dealerships often get a bad rap. These unfair assumptions can result in consumers avoiding a particular business, when in reality, these whispers are really just myths. BHPH lots are actually a great place to shop for a car, and they’re even better if you’ve found yourself in a bit of a financial bind.

If you’ve considered shopping at Buy Here, Pay Here car lots in Cincinnati, Ohio, you’ll be convinced once we debunk a few delusions…

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Cash for Your Used Car


We’re all familiar with the idea of trading in a used car for something new, or at least, something better. The dealer takes your car and puts its value toward a down payment on another car.

But, what if you need cash more than you need a car of any kind? You can always sell it to a dealership and walk away with cash.

You’re probably thinking, really? I can sell my car to a dealership and walk (not drive) away with cash in hand? Yes, you absolutely can.

Read on for a quick overview on how this transaction works at McCluskey Chevrolet…

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Things to Know When Selling Your Car


So you’re looking to sell your car in Cincinnati, huh? The process isn’t particularly difficult, but if you head in blindly, you may be costing yourself some money in the long run.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled some basic pointers to keep in mind for when you’ve decided to move on from your vehicle…

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